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Namvir and Dal

I had been on the site for about 4/5 years but had been looking for about 9 years.  By Nov 2014 I had given up and removed myself from all other internet sites but left my profile on Asian Single Solution as I still had 10 credits left. 

Dal had just registered at the end of 2014. He looked at my profile on the 30th Dec and I was sent a message from ASS to say people had looked at my profile. I looked at his profile and thought he looked really nice and we had things in common, but I left it at that as I thought he was too good for me. 

Dal thought the same, that I wouldn't be interested in him, but decided to contact him after he noticed I had looked at his profile. 

I recall receiving a email from the site that someone had written to me. I looked at the email and so hoped it would be from Dal. I was really happy when I logged on and saw that it was from him and it was the best end to 2014 I could have hoped for. 

On New Year's Day we exchanged lots of emails and found that we had so much in common in respect to interests, aspirations & how we think. And even without meeting we both knew that our search was over, we had found what we were looking for.

We arranged to meet about a week later on Sunday 11th January 2015 at the Saxon Mill in Warwick and up to that point we only emailed each other and had not exchanged any telephone calls or text messages. Our first date lasted 7 hours and 20 mins and Dal was everything I had hoped for and more. We met every weekend after and 4 weeks later on February 14th, Dal proposed under Tower Bridge in London. Our parents met in March 2015 and we had our civil ceremony in June and our Indian wedding in July 2015.

I waited what felt like an eternity for someone who felt right for me, I am so glad I held out as Dal is the perfect gentleman and I couldn't want for anything more.

I hope our story inspires other.

Kind Regards,

Namvir & Dal