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31, Hindu, Midlands

Postcode Cv3
Profession Civil Service/Government
Education University
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A man aged 31 to 40
Religion: Sikh, Hindu
Well, we might be here for a long time discussing this...

About Insert nickname1

Ah, time for the cringy self assessment essay...

Giving this a go (this being online dating) I have my reservations... one being that don’t tell me you’re looking for “more” and “get in touch” if you’re rude enough to not reply. Let’s save us both time...

What I like: it’s the season of sport so, I love watching cricket, footy, tennis, horse riding (I used to have one - a horse that is) I also like holidays, like most people, and funnily enough, I like my job. Which, nicely leads me into what I do...

I work for the Government in the Department for International Trade (exciting times - well just busy actually) but I work on the investment side of things. I work in London a fair amount during the week too which gives me time to enjoy the finer things in life (or some of) like amazing bars and restaurants...

Switching it back to what I like again, I like to have a convo, the online dating scene can be a little contrived so trying to not give everything away (rolling eye emoji) I like to use brackets too...

I like to help people in my spare time so spend a lot of time helping local charities, hospitals, retirement homes.

I’m not adding the whole “I’m nice, funny, loyal, great etc (but I am FYI) just because it’s not fun to read and I just sound like everyone else.

Dislikes: rudeness, lateness, coriander, ginger and spiders. (Rudeness and spiders are deal breakers)

Getting a bit tired of typing now, so, if you got past the images (well done) and smiled reading the above and happily made it to the end... then pop by and say hi (I’m not rude enough to not reply).

Height5' 6"
AttractivenessSee my photo
VegetarianYes, vegetarian
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
Regional OriginPunjabi
Marital statusSingle Never Married


Investor relations manager for capital investment into the UK

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