28, Hindu, London

Postcode HA8
Profession Doctor/Medical
Education Postgraduate
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Raj1233 is looking for...

A woman aged 24 to 29
Religion: Hindu
Seeking partner with potential

Interesting fact

I can milk cows with my bare hands

About Raj1233

Caring, polite, vegetarian. Best described as being in between extroverted and introverted, I have my moments with each!
I spend more time laughing at my jokes than other people's jokes.
I enjoy planning spontaneous holidays, eating, drinking, and making merry.
Will debate the Oxford comma til the proverbial cows come home.



I make people's boo boos better


Adventurous, Caring, Easy Going, Flirty, Independent, Patient, Spontaneous

General Interests

Cooking, Pets, Photography, Travel


Concerts, Dining Out, Movies, Opera, Television, Theatre

Musical Tastes

Classical, Indian Music, Opera, Pop, R and B

Raj1233 says

Many a list of things i say I do and then realise I haven't done for ages: amateur photographer (looking for my perfect night sky shot), swimming (once every month), cooking, movies(potential date must be able to sit through two and a half hours of Bollywood blockbusters), travelling (when I'm able to sell my soul to the rota co-ordinator for time off).