31, Hindu, Hertfordshire

Postcode SG6
Profession Science/ technical
Education University
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JaiRidesBikes is looking for...

A woman aged 26 to 35
Religion: Any
Education: A-Level, University, College, Postgraduate
Personality: Adventurous, Easy Going, Imaginative, Independent, Serious, Ambitious, Caring, Determined, Energetic
I am looking for an individual with complimentary personality traits. If you like animals, we'll get on well. If you like plants, even better. If you like to be active and are creative message me NOW? Only kidding, or am I? On the serious side though, I appreciate you won't share all my hobbies and that's good- it's individuality.

About JaiRidesBikes

Hey and thanks for visiting my profile. I’ve included some high-level information here. It’s obviously not an exhaustive description of me but do feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Personality traits: Traits commonly associated with me include: active, ambitious, creative, dependable, honest and direct.

Hobbies: I often try new activities to gauge my abilities or find a hidden calling. When I’m not doing this, my main hobbies include: road cycling (I'm not a MAMIL for the record), resistance-training, horticulture, fish-keeping, aviculture, reading, DIY and craftwork. By craftwork I'm implying making things by hand. Power tools are wonderful but the beauty and skill comes from doing things by hand.

BTW: I was dabbling with nicknames and it turned out that once you type it, you’re stuck with it. I do cycling a lot though.

Height5' 8"
AttractivenessSee my photo
FashionDress for the occasion
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
Facial hairSee my photo
Regional OriginGujarati
Marital statusSingle Never Married
Religious practiceOccasional


Biopharmaceutical process development scientist.


Adventurous, Ambitious, Analytical, Determined, Imaginative, Independent, Optimistic, Organised, Supportive

General Interests

Cooking, Gardening, Pets, Playing Sports, Reading, The Outdoors


Movies, Television, Theatre, Watching Sports

Musical Tastes

Classical, House, Indian Music, Rock, Showtunes

JaiRidesBikes says

Pro-cycling, fitness, horticulture (growing plants to eat and because it's fun), animals, motorcycles, cars, horror movies, being creative

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