29, Hindu, Birmingham

Postcode Ws9
Profession Other
Education University
Looking For A serious relationship
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Ektaa is looking for...

A man aged 28 to 36
Religion: Hindu, Sikh
Someone to fall in love with over and over again. And someone to go and eat with (obvs) lol

About Ektaa

Facts: 1) Funny, Protective, Kind, Loyal, Sceptical 2) Ham and cheese toasties - best sarnie combo 3) I love a spa day - all about the zen life 4) Old school R’n’B and Garage - 90s ERA 5) My Family are mental - hats off to anyone that joins the family lol

Height5' 6"

Musical Tastes

Bhangra, Indian Music, Pop, R and B, Rap, World Music

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