29, Sikh, London

Postcode cv31
Profession Construction/ Property
Education University
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Samveer1 is looking for...

A woman aged 22 to 30
Religion: Sikh
Someone with similar interests and hobbies. Sikhi Gym Career Travelling Chilling Having a laugh Music Footy Movies etc

About Samveer1

I'am currently at the stage in my life where i am looking for my long term partner.

I am really driven to achieve the most i can whilst i am still young and i dont go out as much as i use to (club/bars)... Id rather spend that time/money travelling and exploring new countries/places or helping other people in need. Also with wahegurus kirpa I’m very fortunate to be on the path of sikhi which has become the foundations of my life... anyway message me for a 2nd edition of my autobiography if you have similar interests!

Height5' 8"



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