31, Hindu, Northwood

Postcode wd3
Profession Doctor/Medical
Education University
Looking For A serious relationship
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SJP108 is looking for...

A man aged 30 to 40
Religion: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Other
I'll know what I want when the right guy comes along...but if you google "qualities to look for in a romantic partner"...all those attributes described would be ideal! (Smirk). Location is not an obstacle for me, willing to move anywhere, as home is where the heart is.

About SJP108

Well spoken, intelligent and cheeky. Self sufficient: diagnosed and fixed radiator issue...and no it wasn't a simple bleeding of the radiator! Discovered it was an issue with the TRV. Once dismantled, I discovered the pin inside was stuck. With careful manoeuvring with my pink polka dot pliers I dislodged it and, lo and behold, I had one very hot radiator. (The things we learn on the internet). Likes: Meditation, Tingsha chimes, eating out, coffee, crackers with a very thick layer of butter (equal width ratio), GOT, lime, binge watching box sets, most genres of movies, walking, exploring, mountains, animals at a distance...

Height5' 4"
Hair colourDark brown
Hair styleLong
Marital statusSingle Never Married

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