24, Hindu, Liverpool

Postcode L14
Profession Doctor/Medical
Education University
Looking For A serious relationship
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RB93 is looking for...

A man aged 24 to 30
Religion: Hindu
I am looking for a like-minded, fun-loving person who is serious about a relationship and settling down. Personality-wise honesty, trustworthiness and someone who is family orientated are values I respect and look for.

About RB93

I am an easy-going, simple and friendly person. Always up for a laugh and love to try different cuisines, but I also enjoy to chill at home with a book and a home-cooked meal. Friends and family are very important aspects of my life. If you would like to find out more, get in touch...

Height5' 4"


I am a hospital pharmacist.


Ambitious, Caring, Easy Going, Independent, Optimistic, Sociable

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